KW NY Tri-State/Manhattan Region and Project Destined (PD) are joining forces to empower a new generation of leaders in real estate, transforming Black and minority youth into owners and stakeholders in the communities in which they live, work and play. Together, we are building a work-based education platform that provides a pathway to (home)ownership, entrepreneurship and wealth creation, by removing barriers to become a real estate professional and empowering students with the skills, confidence, experiences and network to launch their careers and a life as changemakers in their community.


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“We, as a company, were built for this moment in time to bridge the divides and take action to deliver equitable results. Our core beliefs and perspective serve as a guide during these difficult times.”

Gary Keller

The Partnership

In its pilot launch, the KW x PD partnership will provide 60 students, over three years, with:


40+ hours of training in financial literacy, entrepreneurship and real estate


Culled from agent participation:

  • as instructors for the live learning component
  • as dedicated mentors for students
  • as speakers for the Executive Speaker series
  • as judges for the weekly competitions


In pitching a live KW deal to KW professionals


To take the state pre-licensure course in residential real estate, upon completion of KW x PD program


To KW NY Tri-State/Manhattan Region market centers and renowned training to launch their careers as KW NY Tri-State/Manhattan Region real estate professionals


has chosen KW NY Tri-State/Manhattan Region because it is a “best in class” partner with whom it can expand geographic reach, deepen their curriculum to expand students’ knowledge of the residential market, and scale impact.


is to support four teams of five students each year, over three years, by raising at least $150,000 by December 31, 2020. It is our intention to grow this contribution, scaling this partnership and thereby increasing the number of future agents we bring into the KW NY Tri-State/Manhattan Region family.

KW NY Tri-State/Manhattan Region

has chosen Project Destined because it has an established track record, the infrastructure and tools, visibility, and leveraged relationships to directly impact the lives of Black and minority youth in a measurable way, and contribute directly to the productivity, profitability, and success of our agents and market centers.

KW NY Tri-State/Manhattan Region’s unique mission, “to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving, and legacies worth leaving,” takes on a different urgency and relevance in context of social and racial inequity in the United States.

According to Richard Rothstein in his book, The Color of Law, African-American incomes are at 60% of white incomes while African-American wealth is at 10% of white wealth. He goes on to explain that this disparity is entirely attributable to unconstitutional federal housing policy practiced in the mid-20th century, which continues to influence the ongoing racial inequities that we have today.

The Black community has a unique need right now. It’s the “One Thing” for the KW NY Tri-State/Manhattan Region. What is being done by the task force is to be duplicated for other social initiatives down the line. It’s not only ever about the Black community, but it is about elevating the Black community now. To this end, KW NY Tri-State/Manhattan Region has set a goal to impact 5,000 Black families through homeownership, real estate career opportunities and youth mentorship and education. Joining with Project Destined accelerates us in this mission.

Project Destined was founded in 2016 by Cedric Bobo, as a leading social impact platform providing project-based training grounded in creating ownership and access, and improving financial health in underserved communities, thereby creating a diverse pipeline into all aspects of real estate. Their learning philosophy is simply: “teach, apply, compete.”

Project Destined is currently structured around three components: 40+ hours of blended learning through their proprietary e-learning and live course format for high school and college students, and military veterans; pitch-style competitions where students can earn scholarships; and leveraged growth where students use skills, experience and network to attain tangible life outcomes. They are presently launched in 7 U.S. cities + London. At least 70% of Scholars have received internships, full-time employment or certifications following completion of their program, in which more than 900 urban youth have participated thus far.

The organization has already established partnerships with an impressive array of companies, foundations and individuals, from Brookfield Properties and MasterCard to the LA Lakers Youth Foundation, as well as Alex Rodriguez, formerly of the NY Yankees, & Jennifer Lopez. They have also partnered with several HBCUs, other public and private colleges and universities, and with school districts around the country. Thus far, their real estate focus has been on the commercial real estate sector… Until now.

We cannot change the history of America, but this is our chance to alter its trajectory in a way that builds equity and opportunity in a real and tangible way. Won’t you join us in the endeavor?

Natalie Richards & Vanessa Kallback, of the KW NY Tri-State/Manhattan Region, serve on the Social Equity Task Force’s Community Give-Back team, and are spear-heading the KW x PD partnership. If you have any questions about this initiative or wish to learn how else you might get involved, feel free to contact them directly.

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